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Sweet Revenge – Short Story

SO I have recently logged on to my old Wattpad account and I came across this old short story I wrote! I remember writing this in Year 9 English class (so I was about 14 years old) and wanted to share with you guys. I have not edited it in anyway so there probably is… Continue reading Sweet Revenge – Short Story

Book Reviews

Stalked By Allison Brennan | Book Review & Thoughts *Spoiler Free*

Hi guys! I am going to start posting a book review each week on the blog, hope that's ok! This weeks book review was so fun to do as I had no idea what book I was going to be reviewing, that is because it was a mystery book! It was a surprise once I… Continue reading Stalked By Allison Brennan | Book Review & Thoughts *Spoiler Free*


Blackstock – Short Script

INT: BIG JOHNS OFFICE- DAY   EXTREME CLOSE UP: Wisps’ of steam float away from a hot cup of the milkiest coffee you have ever seen. The sound of FOOTSTEPS can be heard as a TEA SPOON lands into the cup, leaving a small splatter of coffee in its wake.   PULL OUT TO REVEAL:… Continue reading Blackstock – Short Script


Curiosity – Part One – Short Story

Isn’t it amazing how our lives are a product of our surroundings, as infants we are tailored to be exactly how our parents wish us to. If you were to reverse and make the slightest change, be it the school we go to or the hobbies we have, it could be the difference between becoming… Continue reading Curiosity – Part One – Short Story