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Sweet Revenge – Short Story

SO I have recently logged on to my old Wattpad account and I came across this old short story I wrote! I remember writing this in Year 9 English class (so I was about 14 years old) and wanted to share with you guys. I have not edited it in anyway so there probably is… Continue reading Sweet Revenge – Short Story


Eldora – Part 2 – Short Story

If you haven't already, you can read part one here.   How ever will he get angel hair? Mr Tiscal has not left Eldora in decades and he is almost certain angel hair is not available here, sadly he shuts the wooden door and begins to think. Ignoring the half finished pair of shoelaces for… Continue reading Eldora – Part 2 – Short Story


Eldora – Part 1 – Short Story

Perched on the edge of a cliff sits a curious little town. In fact this is not just any town, this is Eldora. Whilst being unique in many ways, it will always be known as the only kingdom to ever have two kings reign side by side. If you were to delve into the deepest… Continue reading Eldora – Part 1 – Short Story


Indispensable – Short Story

    It is amazing how beautiful something so insignificant can be, when you truly stop to look at it, when you eventually notice it. The fallen leaves that scatter along your driveway in autumn, before you hastily brush them away; do you ever stop to look? To see the array of different colours and… Continue reading Indispensable – Short Story


Blackstock – Short Script

INT: BIG JOHNS OFFICE- DAY   EXTREME CLOSE UP: Wisps’ of steam float away from a hot cup of the milkiest coffee you have ever seen. The sound of FOOTSTEPS can be heard as a TEA SPOON lands into the cup, leaving a small splatter of coffee in its wake.   PULL OUT TO REVEAL:… Continue reading Blackstock – Short Script