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Sweet Revenge – Short Story

SO I have recently logged on to my old Wattpad account and I came across this old short story I wrote! I remember writing this in Year 9 English class (so I was about 14 years old) and wanted to share with you guys. I have not edited it in anyway so there probably is some punctuation issues as well as changing tenses etc but that’s all in the fun of it 🙂

I won’t lie, it is a pretty grim story. As well as being incredibly cheesy, cliche and badly written (am I selling it to you yet?!) but I think this is so interesting to read as it shows how far my writing has come and how much I have actually improved over the years without realising it.

It’s amazing how distracted you can get from something so beautiful, be it old or new.

This must be where I’m supposed to be, this must be what I was supposed to find. Why else would I have decided to walk such a long way to school even though I was running extremely late as it was? I remember not listening to my gut instincts as they ferociously tried to get me to turn back around as I walked further down the path laid out for me to follow, away from my much more familiar usual route, down sullen back streets and gloomy alley ways only feeling a sense of intrigue and adventure.

I peer down at my watch barely noticing that I was already seventeen minutes late for school, pushing all thoughts of my impending punishments to the back of my head, I take a step forward.

I am now closer to the reason of my rebelliousness. I look up at the wonder standing before me, Runcorn town church. Scanning the surface of the church I am automatically drawn to the breath takingly large stained glass windows, featuring various men I did not know the names of. I’m assuming they are disciples or saints. As the sun beats down onto the glass a bleak amount of it reflects off them due to the large amount of dirt and bird droppings that has been left to build up.

The crumbling walls are holding up well for a church this age and that has been left unloved for this amount of time. I reach my hand out to the small rusty gate which is closed to stop people, like myself, from entering but nothing can stop me now….

“STOP” Screamed the voice inside my head, “REMEMBER!”

Of course I remember. Remember the stories that my best friend Chelsea had etched into my mind no more than a fortnight ago.

We had been taking about our favourite ghost stories and films, I had just mentioned the tale that an very old manor house where I was born and raised, was allegedly haunted.

Chelsea let out a sigh “That’s nothing compared to the church, you know the one quite far out near all the farm land and countryside?” bewildered I had replied no. “Seriously?! How could you not have? How long have you been living here? About three years now? ” she said giggling at my apparent blindness. I urged her to reveal more, which caused her to grab hold of my phone to shine under her face in a menacing sort of way- which only caused me to let out a series of giggles.

“Right, this story is set many many years ago not exactly sure when but whatever, there was a family of five that lived in the church. The man was the pastor and was adored by the entire town… apart from his wife. One day there was a wedding taking place in the church but it turned out to be a case of the runaway bride. Of course the groom was distraught that his wife-to-be had left him at the alter and waited at the church for the entire day.” she looked at my bemused face and laughed.

“As each guest left the groom slowly gave up hope, the pastor seeing how distraught he was and fearing the worst of the bride, he left the groom in the capable hands of his wife as he set off to the police. The wife led the groom back to their living quarters and filled the kettle up with water and set it above the blistering fire to boil” Chelsea stopped to take a sip of her own cup of tea eyeing up the scepticism in my face.

“She must have been extremely sick of her obviously boring life as the pastors wife so she tried it on with groom! He pushed her off sickened and tried to leave, she continued with all her might but he never surrendered. Embarrassed and livid with anger she turned around and took ahold of the still scorching kettle and hit him hard in the temple causing instant death.” She takes a breath and closes her eyes as if she was trying to remember the rest of the story.

“Mad as a hatter she ran into her five year old daughters room unsure of what to do next, her eldest daughter who was twelve heard what was going on and ran out of her room, she grabbed her littlest sister and fled the church. The woman who knew she was going to be found out stumbled out into the main body of the church and hung her self. The pastor came back to find two dead bodies in his church and not knowing the where abouts of his two children, he had a heart attack and died four days later a lonely man. Apparently her ghost haunts the church now and will kill anyone that step foot in there..four days later. Well I guess the moral of the story is that you shouldn’t kill people!” she had laughed.

But they were only fairy tales, all of them, and this was reality. Ignoring my memories I pushed the gate open which, caused a few fragments of black paint to rub off onto my palm and stepped through onto the rickity stones which formed a pathway to the massive church doors.

I place one foot in front of the other slowly not exactly noticing I was doing, it was as if someone had tied an invisible rope around my waist and was guiding me to exactly where they want me. I quickly peeked at some of the grave stones as I passed, unable to read their names or the various dates due to their old age but also the corrosion caused by years of rain.

I had reached the entrance. Right now I was just wiling to let my urges take over as I galloped up the steps to the massive heavy set doors but, my heart almost skipped a beat because as I approached them I noticed to my utter dismay that there was a large chain wrapped around the handles tightly.

Someone really doesn’t want me to get in.

I reached my hand out to throttle the padlock not exactly expecting anything to happen but, as my fingertips grazed the lock ever so slightly it disintegrated and fell down to the stone floor with a loud thud. Quickly I swivel around to make sure the no one saw what just happened or there to see the felony I am about to commit, luckily everything was how I had left it. The dirt road was empty, not one car had passed me since I had started to walk down here and the town of Runcorn was bustling below me at the bottom of the hill.

I turn back to the door, taking a step back as I go. I prepare myself by rocking from heel to toe counting down silently from three in my head, on one I run forwards and with all my strength I pushed the wooden door until it wings open causing some loose rubble to fall. The door was a lot lighter than I had imagined it to be, which resulted in me basically throwing my entire body at it and caused me to fall through onto the threshold of the church.

The dust in the church choked me and got caught at the back of my throat causing me to have a coughing fit, I lifted my head to have a look around at my new surroundings.

It was dark inside, with the only light coming from the dirty windows and the newly opened door behind me. Not wanting to hang around in here I walk forwards down the aisle between all the congregation benches which where thick with dust, blatantly unused for many many years.

My foot steps are echoing throughout the silent building. As I reach the alter I turn left to see two doors paired on separate walls. Hurryingly I walk over to the door directly adjacent to me, it’s locked. Starting to tremble I retrace my steps backwards to the other door ignoring the rest of the church to give it a hard push. It was unlocked. I glimpse through the door, pushing it open ever so slightly.

I am scared now as cold sweats begin to form on my back and my hands have become obscenely clammy, I had just found the living quarters. Not wanting to turn back now I walk in almost tip toeing just to make sure I make no noise whatsoever.

I am now currently stood in a hallway with three doors leading off it. In here was strange, it didn’t feel right. It wasn’t at all dusty like the rest of the church and there was the smell of a freshly extinguished fire lingering in the air.

Walking down the corridor I notice one of the doors was slightly ajar, so me being the curious felon I was being today kicked it open gently, it was a large room with a good sized four poster double bed. My heart started beating faster and harder, freaked out I back out of the room and went down the hallway and ended up stood in what seemed to be a cross between the kitchen and the living room.

There was a large brick fireplace in the far wall with a comfortable looking leather arm chair, positioned horizontally in front of a small window. On the the opposite wall was a desk made of mahogany covered in all sorts of papers and books. Getting closer so I can have a more thorough look I notice a black and white picture in a small metal photo frame, grabbing it with my right hand I wipe away the minuscule amount of dust on it with my other.

There were three smiling faces looking up at me making me feel uneasy and extremely creeped out. The man was balding, slightly plump and was wearing a dog collar. He was the pastor. The other two smiling faces where of two very pretty little girls each dressed in a high collared, old fashioned authentic dress with their hair plaited neatly to the side, I turn my gaze to the last person on the picture. The woman that I saw was not what I was expecting, she was absolutely gorgeous, blossoming even, with long dark hair brushed behind her ears, she had a very bonnie face with exotic features and large brown eyes.

I don’t know why I did it but I did.

Before I knew it I had placed the photograph in my school bag, it nestled snugly between my textbooks. Adrenaline and anxiety washed over me and I turned round swiftly to head for the exit, but my erratic school bag swung around and knocked a book off the table, onto the floor leaving a rectangle shaped mark on the desk in its wake. Scrambling to the floor I retrieve the book and replaced it back on to the desk.

With that done I start running, running like I have never done before but once I reached the church I get a sudden head rush and have to stop. The worst pain I have ever experienced washes over me and I scream out in agony begging for it to stop. I need to get out of here, I open my eyes and the migraine vanishes but I’m lying on the rank dusty floor so, I grab my bag and continue to run towards the large doors.

The fear I’m feeling cripples me as I skid to a halt at the realisation that the doors that I had purposely left open have been shut, not just shut but padlocked with the same chain that had crumbled in what feels like just minutes before.

An echo of running footsteps appears behind me.

I spin round with such force I nearly fall over only to find nothing there. My heart starts beating even faster if that’s possible. I almost jump to the padlock and start pulling at it, banging on the door but to no outcome.

A hiss vibrates down my ear followed by a loud cackle.

“NO PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE!” I scream hysterically still crashing my fists down on the door.

Suddenly I feel a large, scorching hot metal object against the side of my head making me plumit to the cold hard floor, I don’t know what’s just happened but I am in so much pain I feel the bile rising up from my stomach. Rolling on my back I look around to see my perpetrator.


Without thinking I try to crawl to the door, as I am unable to stand but something is sat on my legs, pressing down on them hard then harder..until i hear a loud crack causing my whole leg to burn with such an overwhelming pain, I screamed out causing a nesting mouse to scramble out its hiding place.

In the expense of my foolish minor theft, it seems that whatever or whoever is attacking me cannot bare the thought of waiting four days, like the story said.

The weight lifted off my legs but that didn’t even matter anymore I was paralysed with pain and fear and all I could do now it simply lie there.

But my invisible assaulter had a different idea. A soft, cushioned object was pushed down onto my face breaking my nose causing hot sticky blood to spew down my cheek but I wasnt bothered about that, I was suffocating.

My breathing quickened as my heart tried to pump around as much blood as it possibly could but there was no need, stop stupid heart just stop wasting your time.

Gasping for breath I start feeling light headed. I feel like I’m under water, sinking away from the surface, away from my life, away from everything that could be. Sinking.

Sinking into nothingness.



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