Eldora – Part 2 – Short Story

If you haven’t already, you can read part one here.


How ever will he get angel hair? Mr Tiscal has not left Eldora in decades and he is almost certain angel hair is not available here, sadly he shuts the wooden door and begins to think. Ignoring the half finished pair of shoelaces for little Susie who lives down the stream, she had chosen silky soft sheep’s wool; simple yet very effective and much easier to obtain than angel hair, Mr Tiscal heads out into his back garden.

Now, when I say back garden you may picture something very different to what is behind Mr Tiscals house. It is not so much a garden than it is a miniature farm, there are chickens (feathers are a popular choice by his customers), one lone billy goat and a stye full of pigs. Mr Tiscal loves his animals, they are very much like his own family; he relies on them as much as they rely on him.

Taking a seat on the floor next to his pigs Mr Tiscal rattles his brain for ideas, do angels live on earth? All the stories ever told about angels suggest they live beyond the clouds, they could possibly use their beautiful wings to come down and visit, but how would you know if someone was an angel just by looking at them?

Mr Tiscal’s head wobbles with confusion, this is too much thinking for his poor old brain to handle. To distract himself he decides to climb into the stye and say hello to his beloved pigs; Jasper, Truffle, Riley and little old Lola.

‘’Oh dear, what am I to do?’’ states Mr Tiscal glumly ‘’I wish I had a solution and quick.’’  Jasper looks up at the sound of his voice, only to grunt and walk away. Lola uses her snout to demand Mr Tiscal pet her, blissfully unaware of what could possibly have upset him.

Following her orders Mr Tiscal starts tickling her behind her ears but almost instantly has to stop, something has started to tickle his hand. On top of Lolas wrinkled head sits a little crop of white, almost translucent hair. He has no idea how long it has been growing for as he is pretty sure he has never noticed it, until now.

Mr Tiscal has a wicked idea.

King Peppore has no idea what angel hair looks like, Mr Tiscal could make him shoelaces made of his own hair and he wouldn’t know the difference. Only, that is exactly what the King will be expecting him to do. If Mr Tiscal was to present him with something out of the ordinary, like Lola’s unusual looking hair, he has no way to prove it isn’t what he asked for.

Without reservation  he rubs his scheming hands together and sets off back into his house. The order still sitting long forgotten on the table, Mr Tiscal scrambles about his kitchen gathering various ingredients and shoving them all into a great silver pan.

Only stopping once to let out a few choice words when he burnt his pinky on the open flame, Mr Tiscal eventually stops stirring his mysterious potion and lets out a satisfied chuckle.

Inside the makeshift cauldron sits a dark, slightly shimmering, oily substance which shines under the setting sun. While still hot Mr Tiscal wastes no time and carefully waddles back outside to Lola, who by now has fallen into a deep sleep, carrying the confusing looking liquid. Ensuring no one is watching and without waking Lola Mr Tiscal hastily cools the oil, drop by drop and begins to massage it into the tuft of hair on her little head.

Night by night Mr Tiscal continues to do this, only ever in the darkness and only ever in secret. After ten days Lola’s hair has grown from a nothing more than a fringe, to become longer than Lola is tall. To stop it being dragged through the mud Mr Tiscal has twisted it up into a tight knot on her head, it shines with a sprinkling of glitter courtesy of the miracle oil.

Finally he has angel hair, or at least he hopes the King thinks he does. Now the hard work begins, it takes a further three days to complete the unobtainable shoelaces, once finished Mr Tiscal worries others may want their own angel hair laces, they are the most beautiful set he has ever made. He would need to buy more pigs.

Gathering together what is left of his sanity, with cold sweat beads forming on the back of his neck, Mr Tiscal starts the short walk to the palace to discover his fate.

Now, you may be wondering why on earth I have just told you this story, a story about shoelaces of all things. I could have continued, dragged it out a little bit, I could have revealed how Mr Tiscal is a wanted criminal and if he were to be banished from Eldora then he would surely only end up in once place.

I could have told you why the King wanted special shoelaces, but we will come to that later. Whilst sat in this forest full of unturned enigmas, there was only ever one purpose of telling the world about Mr Tiscals cleverly deceitful secret.

This tale was the beginning of the end for Eldora.



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