Eldora – Part 1 – Short Story

Perched on the edge of a cliff sits a curious little town.

In fact this is not just any town, this is Eldora. Whilst being unique in many ways, it will always be known as the only kingdom to ever have two kings reign side by side.

If you were to delve into the deepest depths of your own imagination, you would never be able to even comprehend such a place exists. Have you ever opened up your lunchbox and been faced with the greenest, most juicy apple or plumpest plum ever seen? Each bite you savoured, dreading the end and hoping one that day you would come across another like it; chances are it came from Eldora.

 It is not just the succulent produce that make this secretive town so alluring, everything here just seems wonderful. The sky is always the clearest blue and it hardly ever rains. Even when it does the towns folk hardly realise, there are lots and lots of trees in Eldora, trees bigger than skyscrapers that catch the little rain drops before they fall down to the ground.

 Trees are important to the people that live in Eldora, many have carved homes and even shops in the trunks but there is one tree in particular that is exceptionally special. In the centre of the town, not far from the humble palace that homes the two kings, is a very old tree with many branches that reach up high into the sky.

 What makes this tree so very special isn’t how old it is, or because of it’s inability to grow leaves, it is because it is gold. It is known as ‘salvator eius gloriosum’, which literally means glorious saviour, but to cut to the chase everyone refers to it as Gloria. With magnificent glowing leaves it is the town’s very own sun, light reflects off the tree like a mirror and it shines brightly under the moonlight; it is truly a sight to behold.

 Although beautiful, this tree is very important to the kingdom of Eldora. This is the heart of the kingdom; without this tree terrible things would happen. The earth would not produce the glorious fruits and vegetables it currently does, if someone was to make a wish it couldn’t possibly come true, even the real sun in the sky would go to sleep and leave the town forever in darkness.

 This is why you must never touch, or even go near, the golden tree; by order of the two Kings.

 Far away on the outskirts of town, hidden within the maze of giant trees sits a quaint black and white cottage. Although, you must look carefully, the bright and beautiful flowers that have grown wildly act as camouflage; if you were not paying attention then you would surely miss it.

 When you imagine what type of person may live here, maybe an old garden lover who enjoys the miracle of turning a seed to a living plant, you certainly would not picture Mr Tiscal.

 Mr Tiscal is a grumpy, old man who much prefers his own company to the most delicious piece of eating chocolate, his wild salt and pepper hair covers his deeply lined forehead from years of frowning. He loves not being in the centre of town, with the the ‘riff-raff’ as he says, he likes very much that he is hidden by all the greenery.

 As much as Mr Tiscal likes to stay away from everyone’s fun in the Kingdom, he has to rely on his neighbours as after all they have been loyal customers. You see, Mr Tiscal is the only successful shoelace maker in Eldora. It may be odd to you that such a job exists, but where do you think your own shoelaces come from?

Mr Tiscal is very proud of his very special shoelaces. He states he can make a perfect pair of shoelaces from anything.

When he says anything, he means it.

On one particularly sunny day the birds were out chirping as usual, their flapping wings brush against the tree branches creating a rustling base line for their squeaky song. Mr Tiscal was sat down at the table in his cramped kitchen, working away on his current order, when there was a brisk knock at the door.

Mr Tiscal frowns, he was not expecting any visitors today.

After one too many bangs on the door it was obvious the knocker was not about to give up. Sighing, Mr Tiscal slowly puts down his masterpiece and takes a deep breath. Moving like a sleep deprived snail he eventually opens the door, only to be greeted by the entire king’s guard, well, all three of them.

‘’Tiscal, Otis?’’ states Alf, the closest guard. Mr Tiscal tries his hardest not to laugh out loud at the guards ridiculous uniform, his big baggy purple and yellow trousers look like a parachute.

‘’Yes, that is me’’ Mr Tiscal replies, while quickly glancing at each guard ‘’how can I help?’’

The guards suddenly stand up straighter, if even humanly possible and salute, the two behind Alf step forward to reveal half of Eldoras royal family. Hidden from plain sight, much like Mr Tiscals home, stands a half-smiling King Peppore.

‘’Your majesty, King Pepper..’’ Mr Tiscal stumbles.

‘’It’s Pepp-ORE’’ snapped the King, frustrated by the mistake. The birds have started to fly away, their song echoing softly through the woods.

‘’Please forgive me, King Peppore. I am just shocked, you see.’’ stammers Mr Tiscal, who never ever thought one the kings would be stood on his door step.

King Peppore shakes his head slightly, he seems agitated and wants this meeting to be over. He begins tapping his foot with impatience, the guards start looking at each other with concern splashed across their faces.

‘’You claim you can make a pair of shoelaces from any material?’’

Mr Tiscal nods his head, afraid to express himself and get shouted at again.

‘’You see, Mr Tiscal, times are changing. The world is evolving and businesses like yours are no longer needed’’ explains the King. Mr Tiscal looks up, worried.

‘’I require you to make me a pair of shoelaces’’ humour rings in his voice ‘’these will not be any old shoelaces, they are to be made out of angel hair.’’ chuckles the King. The usually kind and fair man seems amused by the idea.

This alerts Mr Tiscal.

‘’Only then are you aloud to carry on shoelace making. If you are to fail then you must leave Eldora, never to return’’. Mr Tiscal begins to bite his lip, how on earth is he meant to get hold of angel hair?

With a full smile now on his face, King Peppore turns and walks away with his guards following closely; their many footprints stamped firmly into the forest floor.

Poor Mr Tiscal.

Read Part 2 here!

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