Blackstock – Short Script




Wisps’ of steam float away from a hot cup of the milkiest coffee you have ever seen. The sound of FOOTSTEPS can be heard as a TEA SPOON lands into the cup, leaving a small splatter of coffee in its wake.



SARAH, late twenties; her long glossy hair is pulled back into a harsh knot, PACING from one side of the modest office to the other. SARAH’S face is pale and her bright eyes wide. The only sound to be heard is the FOOTSTEPS hard against the dark wooden floor, almost poetic, in multiples of three. She keeps biting down hard on her lip.



BIG JOHN, sixties, on the contrary not very big at all. Average built with a round belly poking up from behind the dark modern desk he is sat behind. His chair squeaks at the slightest movement. BIG JOHN has a curious full head of slicked silver hair; he is a stern looking man with a secret heart of gold. BIG JOHNS eyebrows are furrowed, enhancing the already deep lines on his forehead.



Sit down SARAH.

SARAH does not acknowledge BIG JOHN and she certainly does not stop her pacing. SARAH has begun to pick at a scar on her right index finger.


BIG JOHN (Gesturing at SARAH)

Considering your reaction, I can only be led to believe you know why I summoned you here today.


SARAH (Frantic)

I am so sorry I wasn’t the first to tell you


BIG JOHN continues to stare at SARAH. One of his dark, heavy eyebrows rises slightly.


SARAH (CONT’D) (slows pacing)

Please JOHN. I have wanted to tell you but I was… dubious…

BIG JOHN sits forward in his squeaky chair and begins to stir his coffee, the TEA SPOON twinkles against the china delicately.

SARAH comes to a halt right in front of a vast bookcase covering the right hand wall; SARAH begins fiddling with her fingers. Pulling at an imaginary hang nail, never once does she look at BIG JOHN.



I know exactly what you’re thinking. I’m wondering if I agree with you… have I ruined my career?

SARAH shakes her head abruptly and turns to face BIG JOHN for the first time. SARAH’S piercing blue eyes do not move from BIG JOHNS now slightly reddened face; he promptly puts the TEA SPOON down.



Then again it’s only a baby, for petesake! Do not try and make me feel bad about this…

SARAH turns back to the bookcase and lets out a long, hard breath. She wanders over to the vacant seat and sits, returning to playing with her finger nail.



Well, congratulations.

BIG JOHN leans back in his chair, causing it to squeak ferociously. He takes a long sip from his cup and sighs slightly.



He is coming out.

BIG JOHN pauses to gauge SARAH’S reaction. Confusion flashes across her face as she continues to look at BIG JOHN.



Dennis is coming out. He’s being released.

SARAH opens her mouth slightly in shock and her eyes widen. She is speechless.


 BIG JOHN (Calmly)

Fresh evidence has been brought to light.


BIG JOHN pulls a notebook out from his desk, bound with an elastic band and flicks through it.


Fresh evidence that overturns your original findings.

SARAH stands up but does not move anywhere. Her face is contorted, unsure whether to laugh or cry.



I want you to take a hiatus.


From work?

BIG JOHN puts the notebook back into the draw he got it out of. BIG JOHN looks up at SARAH, who is still standing unmoved, thinking.


BIG JOHN (Nonchalantly)

From work. From Boston…

SARAH takes out her mobile phone, as if to call someone, but decides against it. SARAH scratches the back of her head, unsure of what to say. SARAH then suddenly snaps her fingers and points at BIG JOHN.


 SARAH (Slightly hysterical)

You’re regretting giving me my promotion!

BIG JOHN fidgets in his seat.



I am more concerned about your safety…

SARAH cuts over BIG JOHN


 SARAH (Irritated)

Stop that! You put me up on a pedestal when I got him put away, you’re

more concerned about your reputation!


SARAH sits back down. BIG JOHN is visibly torn, he is both worried about the situation but also needs this conversation to be done.


SARAH (CONT’D) (Sarcastic)

Out of sight out of mind, eh?

BIG JOHN now stands up. The dark grey suit BIG JOHN is wearing is creased from being sat down for so long, BIG JOHN walks slowly around to SARAH whilst talking.



Your work got the wrong man put away for killing someone. You don’t think you and

now your unborn child are in danger?

SARAH begins to shake her head, contemplating what to say. SARAH is frozen, unable to comprehend the danger she could possibly be in.


SARAH (Hesitant)

..But he did it. I did not make it up.

BIG JOHN walks in the direction of the door but pauses just before he reaches it. BIG JOHN turns to look at SARAH, sympathy washes over him.

BIG JOHN (Hushed)

We know that, but to the public you got an innocent man put away for


SARAH grimaces at the word MURDER. SARAH looks down at her phone once again but does not use it. SARAH feels at a loss, it is clear by the look on her face. Tears begin to fill SARAH’S eyes.



In all seriousness, I did give you a job off the back of it. How does that

make me look, the newspaper look?

Tears begin to fall out of SARAH’S eyes, yet she makes no sound. BIG JOHN looks over to SARAH and sighs. BIG JOHN reaches out and opens the dark wooden door. The blinds attached to the door flutter as it opens.



I think that concludes this conversation. I’ll be in touch.



Tears have now truly begun to fall down SARAH’S face. SARAH looks like a little lost lamb, in the big bad world.


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