Rosarian – Short Story

Cherry blossom hums through the open window, quickly followed by the delicate punch from the forget-me-not’s. Just enough to pull you back from falling off the precipice in your own head.

Never have you ever realised how beautiful a falling raindrop can be, seamlessly oblivious that it will shatter at first impact; full of convenient forgettery.

For most, the lines are often blurred between something you want and then something you need. Desire and gratification are animalistic feelings none of us can shy away from but if by some crazy superlative events you have figured out a way around this, be sure to share your findings with your classmates.

But lest we forget, you are a rosarian in your own field of dreams. Be sure to not let your own thoughts quell your wants, but certainly don’t neglect what it is you need either.’


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