Just a quick one

We all see the world through different eyes.

Even if your world is typically gr(ey), manically full but winds up primarily empty, remember…

Time can be a welcomed friend,

and patience is not a sin.

We must build on the past and nurture the present, to protect our future.


Yours truly,

A mega cheese ball (me)


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via Daily Prompt: Gray

13 thoughts on “Just a quick one”

    1. I never said there was 😉

      Just everyone seems to be so rushed, so absorbed, that they don’t notice what is happening around them (me included!). They are concentrating so much on the future that the present is bypassing them, without them even realising or stopping to appreciate the little things.

      I have to often remind myself to stop, chill and just take a moment


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      1. I completely understand. I played golf this afternoon and found myself rushing on the front nine. Then, I took a deep breath, looked around, and realized that I was in nature, privileged enough to be healthy and experiencing a game, and I was almost instantly calmed. It’s hard to slow down, though, especially among a culture that promotes a 24/7 lifestyle and production rate. Thanks for the comment!

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  1. I always thought Patience was a virtue – never a sin. 🙂

    It is a personal opinion, but one i am more than happy to share with or give to others:
    If you have to take time out to appreciate the good things in life, then you are living your life wrong!

    Basically if you can’t appreciate (the good along with the not so good) life while you are actually living it you should probably change it cos you only get one very short one to live and no-one needs to waste any of it doing things they do not fully appreciate.

    Time stops for no-one – and ours is quite limited.

    Cracking Cheese, Gromit! ( RIP Peter Sallis – sadly missed)


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    1. I agree with most of what you said, but my point wasn’t about doing something you don’t fully appreciate. In fact it was the opposite, when you are engrossed in something you are 100% committed to (be it work, hobbies, school etc) you do just need to remember not everything revolves around that one particular thing, you do need to make the time to appreciate the little things… as you said, life is short 🙂
      (also who said there is a right way to live your life 😉 )
      Thank you for your comment! I love hearing other peoples opinions 🙂


      1. Thank you ! 🙂

        just a little clarification: my ‘appreciate’ comment was more directed to Jess’s comment regarding taking time out from what you are doing at (or is that most?) of the time rather than as you have said appreciating both the big things as much as the smaller things and vice versa.

        Other peoples opinions can give us the opportunity to see our world through someone elses eyes – how cool is that?? 😉

        Have a great one! 🙂


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